Tatuaje Holiday Advent Calendar 24ct.


These Holiday Advent Calendars feature 4.5″ x 46 versions of core lines and limited editions. The 2021 Calendar was supposed to release last year but with all the supply chain issues they decided to release the 2021 along with the 2022 version this year with only 5000 boxes of each produced.

The blend list for 2021 includes a Cabaiguan, Cabaiguan Guapos Natural, El Triunfador, Fausto, L’Atelier, La Mission, Négociant, Surrogates Tramp Stamp, Tatuaje Black Label, Tatuaje Brown Label, Tatuaje Havana VI, Tatuaje ME II, Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro, Tatuaje Tattoo, Tatuaje Verocú, 5 Monsters, 2 Holiday themed cigars and 2 Halloween Event cigars.

They have not released the blend list for the 2022 version but Pete Johnson said there would only be seven repeat cigars from the 2021 Advent Calendar, and that the five Monster Series cigars, the two holiday cigars, and the two Pumpkins will all be different.

Buy 1 of each year together and get a discount.