A Comparison: Hoyo La Amistad & AJ Fernandez Enclave

  In the world of cigars, there are many different and similar types of smokes out there.  There is no doubt individual cigar makers have certain styles and some similar characteristics can be found among their different blends.  One of our loyal customers at our 8 to 8 cigar lounge believed that the newly released […]

Plume or Mold? The Age Old Question.

You open your humidor.  You see some splotchy white spots on your cigar.  You fear that something is wrong with your cigar.  You do an internet search and find a saving grace! It is a thing called “Plume”! HOORAY!  Your cigars aren’t ruined, and in fact they have become an elite, plume covered delicacy! Well […]

Exclusive Releases

Exclusive releases are not uncommon in the cigar industry.  I cannot speak for every company that comes out with these special cigars, but us here at the CDM family of stores, we pride ourselves on these releases.  These aren’t just a way to put another cigar out on the market.  These are a chance for […]

The FDA And Cigars: An Editorial

This is an editorial piece and the thoughts and views expressed in this piece are the author’s alone and are no way affiliated with the views of our company or any of the companies which products we sell.   For several years the FDA and its regulations have loomed over the cigar industry.  Every smoker […]

Aging Cigars To Vintage Perfection

Every day, customers come to our retail locations asking to be let in to the prestigious “Vintage Room”.  Every day, first time customers are shown the infamous “Vintage Room”.  Every day, I personally walk in and I am like a kid in a candy store.  For collectors, part of the mystique around our Vintage Rooms […]

A tour of Casa de Montecristo by Jonathan Drew

Back in 2010 Jonathan Drew was in town testing out a new Liga Privada blend at Casa.  Below is the video by Cigar Explorer featuring Jonathan Drew as your tour guide on a walk through our Cigar Lounge.  He was also getting people’s reaction to a new concoction he was working on for the Liga […]

The Complex Connecticut Wrapper

When many cigar smokers talk about Connecticut Wrappers, you will always hear similar words associated with the leaf…mild, creamy, perfect for new cigar smokers, etc.  As I puff away on this Quesada Reserva Privada, I think about the stereotypes that this certain tobacco has gained.  While those descriptions are many times accurate, they do not […]