How We Ship

CDMCigars prides ourselves on customer service, and how we ship is a huge part of that.  No matter the size of the order, your cigars are packaged with a level of care unmatched by anyone.  We ensure that individual cigars are packed with the proper humidity levels and in materials that will minimize movement and humidity loss during shipping.  When we ship boxes we make sure when at all possible to include a humidity pack in the box of cigars and vacuum seal it so when your cigars arrive they will be ready to smoke.

  • Boveda Humidity packs are included in most orders at no charge when at all possible.  Boveda has the highest quality humidity pack on the market and assures the proper humidity levels for your cigars.
  • Our black air tight bags act as a mini humidor.  Featuring a double lining and a commercial grade seal, humidity will be maintained at proper levels throughout the shipping process.  Our bags also feature light and temperature resistant qualities for added quality control. When you get loose cigars and packs from us they will stay at the correct humidity levels for up to 3 months in our bags.
  • Air Pillows and/or Bubble Wrap is added to the package to minimize movement and damage of the cigars during the shipping process.

All of this allows us to stand behind our products with a 100% Quality and Satisfaction guarantee on every order.